Our approach

We are conscious of introducing the positive aspects of involvement in our investments and of avoiding the negative aspect of interference. We do this by putting appropriate equity-style incentives in place and becoming long-term partners that empower management teams to act as owners of their businesses.

The support we can provide to the investee companies is strategic, financial or managerial. Alternatively we can unlock value through creating the environment for possible deal-making.

We have experience on our board and in our executive team as founders, builders, leaders, managers and of advisers to our associated companies.

“Through FirstRand, when we unbundled, RMI became our biggest shareholder. They’re a 25% shareholder and a fantastic partner, I think that when you make expansions like this, having your shareholders onside right at the point of decision-making is critical. The feedback that we have received as a result has always proven invaluable in aligning our thinking as well. Frankly, it’s been more than a wonderful partnership - it has been a friendship.” Adrian Gore, Discovery

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“RMI’s predecessor company, RMH, provided OUTsurance with the capital to start our business and has been our shareholder of reference throughout our history. RMI also provided us with funding to start our Australian operation Youi. More recently, RMI has played an active role in supporting OUTsurance with new initiatives. As a patient shareholder which shares the longer term vision of the business, RMI is the ideal shareholder to have.” Willem Roos, OUTSurance

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“MMI is proud to be associated with RMI as our largest shareholder. RMI has an excellent reputation in the financial services industry and we fully subscribe to RMI’s values-based approach to doing business. We believe RMI's considerable financial strength and long-term philosophy are strong strategic enablers. We sincerely value the strategic input we receive from RMI's thought leaders in respect of MMI’s client-centric strategy and growth initiatives. MMI echoes the importance that RMI places on innovation and we enjoy being one of the portfolio companies forming part of RMI’s AlphaCode club for next generation financial services entrepreneurs.” Nicolaas Kruger, MMI

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