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RMI Specialist Managers is an affiliate of RMI Investment Managers (RMI IM) and is the vehicle for ‘lifting out’ investment teams and providing them with an investment management operating platform off which to manage client investments . The business is set up to attract investment teams that have the ability to raise third-party client investments off their experience, track record and reputation but understand that it is difficult to establish a business on their own given the financial capital and operational requirements to do so. RMI IM provides the working capital, seed capital, operational infrastructure and distribution capability for the investment teams of RMI Specialist Managers. RMI IM and the RMI Specialist Manager teams share in the economic success of the business, creating an ownership culture among the investment teams, much like the other affiliates of RMI IM. As a result, this appeals to investment teams that want to be more entrepreneurial by creating a business inside a business rather than the typical ‘salary and bonus structure’ of traditional investment managers.

The first team to become a part of RMI Specialist Managers is the very experienced and highly regarded Fixed Interest team led by Jonathan Myerson, including portfolio managers Bronwyn Blood and Vaneshen Naidoo. This team previously managed R18bn worth of third-party investments across the Fixed Interest, credit and money markets at Cadiz Asset Management. The Fixed Interest team, with the support of RMI IM, is launching three new unit trust under the RMI Specialist Managers brand. RMI IM will continue to look to expand the RMI Specialist Managers branded suite of portfolios to include equity and multi-asset class portfolios.