About the artist

RMI believes that there is a strong correlation between the investment process and the creation of a piece of art. We selected Mandy Coppes-Martin as our artist of the year. Her works are featured on the RMI website and in our communication to shareholders.

Mandy Coppes-Martin works with specific fibres, threads and silks - which are woven, and which weave through her drawings and sculptures - to take the viewer on a journey through traces of the past.

“I am interested in working with notions of memory and the traces of life that exist beyond our stories. I began working with tree rings several years ago as I find them to be the most beautiful arrangements of natural life. Tree rings tell a story of events through mark making. They offer glimpses into the lost or forgotten stories of our natural environment.

Coppes-Martin applies the traditional art of crocheting to paper thread and raw silk fibres to create forms and shapes that depict a life once lived, or an action once taken. Whether the resulting image is a depiction of an abstract mark of nature or an interpretation of a literal object her art seeks to retrace the past and, in turn, create a new skeleton of memories.


Mandy Coppes-Martin is a visual artist, working primarily with paper and pulp using fibres such as hemp, sisal, cotton rag and silk. Mandy completed her Masters Degree in Fine Art (cum laude) in 2004 where she concentrated on the development of local and invasive plant fibres for the production of specialist papers.

In Holland, Germany and Belgium, Mandy worked with various paper experts in three-dimensional paper-casting techniques and sheet production. She has been involved in various outreach initiatives in South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Germany and Belgium.

In 2012 Mandy became a full time artist producing work in paper and silk. Her works “Trembling Giant” and “Virgin Pulp” were awarded the runner-up prize in the Sasol New Signatures 2012 Art Awards. Mandy had a Solo exhibition titled “Killing the Goose” at Lizamore and Associates in 2013 and has exhibited in numerous group shows in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town, as well as in Belgium and the Philippines.

Mandy Coppes–Martin lives in Johannesburg with her husband and 2 daughters and currently works from the Nugget Square Art Studios in Johannesburg, South Africa.